SERVICES: Let’s build momentum for your brand together

Let’s build momentum for your brand together

As a small business owner consider this... Employing an in-house marketing professional to work on growing your brand is a costly process. It will easily cut through a marketing budget before you get a chance to put that towards advertising. On the other side, you can outsource to the endless supply of freelancers online at a low rate. Although with this option the communication is typically broken and it’s often hard to see eye to eye on projects when there’s a detachment between the two parties.

This is where we come in, Avalanche can effectively execute or provide support for your digital marketing. We create results for your brand without excessive overheads and we’re always here to chat.

Marketing services for NZ businesses

We simplify the fast growing complex space of technology/software/tools to allow your business to optimise its digital performance. We’re available at any level from guidance through to full takeover & implementation.

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What we do

Primary Services:


Facebook & Social Media Marketing

We look at social differently to a lot of marketers out there, social is often seen as just an awareness platform. Using social to build brand awareness is great but that's only just the start, we can help you to leverage the power of these channels to create a community of brand advocates, nurture prospects/potential customers and generate cost-effective leads/sales with a creative strategy that's aligned with your brand. 


SEM - Google Advertising Campaigns

We craft extensive search engine marketing campaigns from the ground up focusing on your unique customers and the key messages that stand out to them. The search campaigns we manage don't stagnate as we optimise and refine the search strategy with live data to continually improve campaign performance. We keep our clients in the loop with simple reports displaying KPI's relevant to your goals and company. 


Additional Services: 

Online Strategy Formulation & Brand Development

Every business is different. We’ll analyse your current state of play, listen to your objectives and goals then develop a plan to optimise your digital performance. Let us help you get your story out there and position your business to capitalise on its competitive edge.

Email Marketing

Debatably digital marketing's highest ROI platform. We can help out with a range of email marketing services from growing subscriber lists to increasing conversions and results from current email marketing strategies. We specialise in developing captivating content and communicating this with strategic call to actions that qualify click through traffic to produce tangible results. We're consistently running campaigns with well above industry average open rates and click through rate’s.


Content Marketing

Let customers come to you rather than you paying for eyes constantly like traditional advertising. We’ll create powerful, unique content around your small businesses that cut’s through the noisy marketplace. Providing you with the opportunity to cost effectively gain attention through offering value and connecting with your customers.

Marketing Automation

We create thoughtful automated workflows for a variety of applications that are customised around your brand. These can be developed to deepen customer relationships, increase customer retention, promote dynamic up sells and recover abandoned carts. 

If you're interested in growing your business using effective, modern techniques let’s talk. Get in touch for a 30 minute Skype or face to face consultation to discuss your company and the digital marketing options for it!