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As a small business it’s advantageous to make the most of systems and technology that’s out there to save you time, money, stress and maybe even a migraine. The idea behind this blog is to expose all of my findings within the email marketing field. I’m always actively searching for new software, programs and shortcuts to increase productivity, efficiency and results. Most likely you will have already struck a few of my recommendations in your musings around the web. But hopefully I can surprise you with a new idea or programme for you to try out.  

What to put to the test ↓

Google’s Online suite ~ The go-to for collaborative documents and shared content between colleagues. - Free -

Grammarly ~ This free Google Chrome extension could well save those typos that get away on you. It’s a proofreader that will let you know about little slip-ups in emails, blogs, and other online content. - Free for Basic -

Canva ~ Need quick design work done? Canva is a great free tool to make little edits to graphics such as adding logos to photos or visually appealing posters. - Free for Basic -

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Live Chat ~ Adding this to your e-commerce store will lead to converting traffic that’s sitting on the fence into sales. If you can answer enquires with responsive and helpful customer service it’ll lead to results. Live chat is a great well-known platform helping small business do just that - 30 Free trial -

Yotpo ~ Use customer generating reviews to your advantage this service compels user-generated content you use to authentically entice more customers - Free Basic Plan -

Proof ~ For anyone selling online it’s worth looking into this app to boost site credibility. It shows real time interactions between customers and your site to other customers to help give it social Proof. It’s the online equivalent of having a busy physical store = People attract People.  - Free 14 Day Trial -

Unsplash ~ Beautiful free stock imagery like the picture below which are produced by generous photographers, these are great for your blog content and ad set when you're on a budget and you don’t have the skills or time to produce your own imagery. - Free -

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Momentum ~ a chrome extension that makes crafts good looking tabs. With beautiful scenic photography and a productive to do list reminder it’s worth a try. - Free -

Sideliner ~ Recommendation of the month ~ Use this Tool to quickly scan your website to find broken links and more to improve your Sites content and structure. - Free -

Hotjar ~ A new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. See what people are interacting with on your website. - Free Trial -

Pexels ~ Stock imagery that looks good is hard to find for commercial use, luckily there is a stockpile of images with no restrictions on Pexels for content marketing imagery and more. - Free -

Google Analytics ~ Monitor your website activity at a glance with google analytics. Things I find helpful to keep track of is the number of website users and the source of these users (acquisition). Seeing the numbers and tracking performance will help you designate your time to activities that generate proven high ROI. - Free -

DiggDigg Wordpress Plugin ~ Let people easily share your content by providing simple tools for them to use. - Free -

Slack ~ Internal communication at it’s best! Slack allows for instant contact with colleagues whether it’s to bounce ideas or finalise and sign off projects. This platform is designed to connect your workplace. The platform also doubles as a perfect place to share informal quality information like interesting articles, relevant news and industry updates with colleagues.

Squarespace ~ Is a platform which allows you to build effortless crisp websites on. Squarespace’s sleek templates help with producing an aesthetically beautiful website. But more than looks Squarespace hosts a list of features including analytics, endless integrations and SEO best practices. - Free 2 week trial -

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Sumo ~ This software has been featured in a previous blog but it’s worth mentioning again. Sumo allows users to automate their sales funnel with features like opt-in popup forms and exit intent popup forms. This software is especially powerful if you’re selling your products online as it seamlessly integrates with e-commerce sites. - Free -

Toggl ~ Track your time on any device, wherever you are. Simplify productivity and gauge what projects are valuable in the reporting section - FREE -

Website Test ~ quickly discover your website's load time. This is an important aspect of your search engine ranking (SEO). If there’s are areas for improvement Webpagetest will highlight these then you can devise a plan to make necessary changes. - FREE -

Thanks for reading and I hope at least one of these tools will come in handy for your business!

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