3 Quick Wins for Any E-Commerce Business to Increase Conversions

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If you’re selling products online it’s important to trial and test different ideas to bring in more customers and further capitalise on your existing website traffic. I’ve listed below 3 methods that can help boost the effectiveness of your e-commerce store.

1. Build an email list and routinely send out business emails.

It costs at least 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that engagement with your existing user base is key to e-commerce success. Businesses have the opportunity to connect with these customers and build relationships through the use of marketing channels such as email. When sending out email campaigns keep the customer in mind and be sure to send well-rounded content that’ll resonate with your customer base. Keep them up to speed with business updates, share industry or relevant news, reward them with promo codes, draw attention to particular products and let them know about new product releases.

Incorporate a routine newsletter/email campaign into your marketing strategy. Whether it be a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly you need a set frequency to hold yourself accountable. Be sure to create a clear results orientated plan for each email to measure the campaign's success. Look for ways to personalise the email content such as segmenting subscriber lists and using merge tags to increase the effectiveness of bulk sends.

2. Use social credibility tools to your advantage.

In today's age where so much of what’s online is not what it seems, trust is seriously important. It’s a pillar that helps customers work through their buying process. To help instil trust with your service show other people’s experiences with your site. Ways you can do this are tools/apps that show activity on your website Useproof is an example of one app with this service.

Reviews will help sell your product by adding more depth of information from different sources. Think of how you can obtain more reviews… You want this to be an easy process for the time restricted consumer. Automated email workflows such as the example for Expedia below can work well. Test out different incentives and messaging to better your response rate.

Quick wins for small e-commerce businesses

Leverage reviews and current website activity to support new customers by adding more credibility to your site and products. This strategy helps increase conversion rates on e-commerce stores.

3. Facebook pixel advertising

If you’re not advertising your online store on Facebook you should seriously consider it. It’s a way to target new potential customer segments as well as remarket to current databases and website visitors. If you’re wanting to advertise through the platform or already are you need to use Facebook’s pixel. Utilising this will allow you to better understand your audience as the data collected by the pixel provides valuable insights and advertising options. Such as:

Conversion tracking - Making results meaningful. Seeing cost per sale/lead and where you could assist the buyer journey.

Conversion optimisation - After setting up custom conversions or standard events Facebook will start understanding the demographics of people who are converting on your site. This allows you to promote your message to lookalike audiences that are likely to also perform that conversion.

Website custom audiences - Remarket to people that have visited your website or a particular page of it.

Create lookalike audiences - Directly market to potential customers that have similarities to high-value present customers.

Dynamic ads - These change to suit the person seeing the message.

Add pixel code to your website… create custom events that are relevant to the actions on your website you want to see. Experiment and test to upskill and determine what works for your store.

Testing and experimenting are key ingredients for a successful e-commerce platform. To do this efficiently you need to know the data behind the activities. Then you can channel your focus on lucrative areas of marketing and reduce barriers for customers on your webstore and throughout your sales funnel.

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