Email Tools to Help Small Businesses

As a small business, it’s advantageous to make the most of systems and technology that’s out there to save you time, money, stress and maybe even a migraine. The idea behind this blog is to expose all of my findings within the marketing field and different projects. I’m always actively searching for new software, programs and shortcuts to increase productivity, efficiency and results. Most likely you will have already struck a few of my recommendations in your musings around the web. But hopefully, I can surprise you with a new idea or programme for you to try out.  The focus on this blog is email marketing and Avalanche's  recommended software for you to explore.

What to put to the test ↓

Email Marketing:

Mailchimp ~ Easily create email campaigns to reach your customers. Email marketing is a sure-fire high ROI tool to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy and MailChimp is the best platform I’ve seen to start on. - Free-

Mailchimp’s automation workflows ~ Automation will save you time and often can provide your customers with more responsive communication. Examples of marketing automation could be a scheduled happy birthday email or a warm welcome email for new contacts. Don’t think of it as a copy and paste template. Powerful marketing automation can be highly personalised and allow for rich interaction when done right. Mailchimp has all the tools to get you started with automation - Free -

Sumo ~ This is a great free platform to create effective website pop ups. You can easily integrate Sumo on your site with a opt in box to capture emails/lead or an hello bar to direct people to specials/top products. - Free -

Email Marketing for NZ buisnesses

Maitre app ~ Referral campaign manager and support. This is a great way to grow a email list from scratch through incentivising your subscribers to bring more people on board. - Basic, $99 one off payment -  

Scope ~ Firstly you can review and check your emails across 90 different email from outlook 2002 to Apple mail 11 to ensure your customers won't receive a mismatched email. On top of this Scope allows you to easily assess your favourite emails to see what’s going on behind the scenes to see how they were put together. - Free 7 day trial - 

Subject line helper ~ Quickly get another proof on your subject line to make sure you’re going to get the best open-rate you can out of it when you send! - Free -

Hellobar ~ A bold and functional opt-in tool to add to your website. With a typically high conversion rate, this placement works well across a variety of industries. - Free -

Image Mapping ~ Image mapping for email graphics a great way to seamlessly integrate multiple links into a single image. only temporarily hosts your image I’d recommend using an external site such as Imgur then simply import the image link to and it’ll populate ready for you to edit it. - Free - 

Litmus Community ~ Hundreds of business marketers congregate onto this forum. This community page is a great place to learn tips and tricks for email marketing. A large variety of experienced marketers discuss and share their strategies making the Litmus community a great free educational tool. On this forum, you'll find little helpful tips and hacks like the Subject Line/Preheader Preview this is a simple tool to allow you to see how your subject lines and preheaders look in a Gmail inbox.

Thanks for reading and I hope at least one of these tools will come in handy for your business!

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