Social Media Tools to Help Small Businesses

As a small business, it’s advantageous to make the most of systems and technology that’s out there to save you time, money, stress and maybe even a migraine. The idea behind this blog is to expose all of my findings within the marketing field and different projects. I’m always actively searching for new software, programs and shortcuts to increase productivity, efficiency and results. Most likely you will have already struck a few of my recommendations in your musings around the web. But hopefully, I can surprise you with a new idea or programme for you to try out.  The focus on this blog is social media marketing and Avalanche's recommended software for you to explore.

What to put to the test ↓

Email Marketing:

Hootsuite ~ this is a great platform for social media management. Hootsuite offers an easy to use dashboard to manage your platforms in one place. This is a huge timesaver if you use a range of social media channels. - Free 30-day trial -

Buzzsumo ~ Interested in content marketing? Discover trending topics in your industry with this useful keyword researcher. - Free -

Buffer ~ This is a great time saver app for social media management. It allows you to handle all of your platforms from one place where you can create, respond and schedule.  - Free basic plan -

Likealyzer ~ This app creates a review of your Facebook page and shows you where you can make changes to optimise its performance. - Free -

Feedly ~ Curate your own newsfeed through Feedly. You can effectively use this tool to capture insights, news and movements within your industry to stay at the front of the pack. - Free -

social media marketing tools for NZ businesses

Bitly ~ Shorten and track the clicks on your URL links you post to social media with ease. Check out Bitly it’s a handy tool to measure progress. - Free -

Zotabox ~ A tool that integrates Facebook’s simple chat on your website. This allows you to offer more customer service that you can easily manage. - Free -

Trendsmap ~ Gain a quick overview of hashtags and stories that are trending so you can share and comment on topical events - Free -

social media management tools for small business owners

Simply Measured ~ Understand in greater depth your social media audience through gaining rich insights such as what products or blogs are being shared the most through private message. Also Simply Measured allows you to analyze competitor campaigns with ease. - Free Demo -

Drumup ~ This app will sift through relevant news and stories in your industry then present the best stuff for you to share. This app is brilliant if you’re wanting to step up your social media game but don’t know what to post, Drumup will always provide plenty of fresh inspiration. - Free Trial -

Zoho Social ~ Zoho is a great go-to place for all round business software. One of their best products is Zoho Social it allows users to schedule unlimited posts across all major social media channels, monitor activity and collaborate from one user-friendly dashboard. - Free Trial -

A/B Testing on Facebook advertising ~ Experimenting with your Facebook advertising campaign is a key ingredient in producing high returning ad sets and ads. Test different audiences, placements, creatives and copy individually with a soft budget then once you find the combination that works the best, place more money behind it to get full effect.

SumoMe Share ~ You may have noticed the floating share bar over on the left of the page. This bar is super easy to install with Sumo’s effortless integrations to any website. It’s simple and helps readers than like the content share it to friends and others. Share this blog to try it out ;) - FREE -

Landscape by Sprout Social ~ Streamlined image resizing for social media! Sourcing images the suit the ranging size requirement for each social media can be tough. Landscape is a simple resizing tool that will get for image ready to post on any social media channel within seconds. - FREE -

Thanks for reading and I hope at least one of these tools will come in handy for your business!

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